G&G Firehawk Review

Firehawk Reivew overview

This G&G Firehawk review looks at the G&G Firehawk was the first airsoft rifle I ever owned. As such here at Airsoft Informer, it has a special place in our heart. This short stubby CQB ready rifle is part of the Combat Machine project. G&G’s attempt to deliver quality replica rifles at economical prices, and the Firehawk manages to do just that. Although a number of years old now, the Firehawk has stood the test of time as one of the best cheap CQB rifles on the market.

Th airsoft gun may be small but makes itself known due to how loud and snappy it is. It’s beak-like amplified flash hider is designed to make it sound awesome. Alongside the flasher hider, its tight barrel leads to a distinctive sound on each shot. It’s definitely not a rifle you’ll want if you’re into stealth.

The Firehawk comes with Lots of little features that you would expect on your AEG rifle. It has an ambidextrous sling loop, CR stock, and flip-up sights. However, it offers all of this at a good budget price. The main factor that allows reducing the price a receiver made from a high-quality polymer instead of metal. This polymer is strong as you’d expect and after years of abuse both indoors and out, it’s still holding up. The metal parts include the external barrel, stock slide, flash hider, latches and the majority of small elements. This mix between polymer and metal ensures that the Firehawk is light as well as compact.

Firehawk Internals & Upgrades

The internals of the Firehawk features a v2 gearbox,8 mm bearings, which allows for achieving a muzzle velocity of ~320 FPS straight out of the box. It has pretty standard internals allowing for easy upgrades when needed. Talking about upgrades, there isn’t a need for a huge expenditure to help improve the range and grouping. I can recommend the a tight bore barrel (6.03mm diameter) as well as replacement hop-up. Add in a Maple leaf rubber and you’ll have a far better chance in those longer engagement situations. 

There isn’t all praise for the Firehawk, The main issue I have had has been compatibility with high-cap magazines, I’ve found that some non-G&G high-caps don’t perform well in the Firehawk leading to miss feeding, or magazines dropping out of the magwell. The G&G hi-caps work well however some brands cause issues. Ironically, the weapon feeds fine with every other brand’s mid-caps that I have tried and tested. 

Another downfall of the Firehawk has been the size of the stock tube. The extendable stock is great at adjusting to your CQB needs but it doesn’t come with much room for a battery, alongside the fuse.

Gen 3

Since the first Firehawk release G&G has brought out a Dual sector gear version of the Firehawk, called the Firehawk HC05. This full-auto only version has a HUGE rate of fire with G&G saying it’ll fire 29rps (rounds per second) and it will perform with a 7.4v like a 11.1v lipo. The reality is you’ll likely be getting 29 RPS with a 11.1v Lipo and around 22-23 RPS with a 7.4v. This high Rate of fire is all well and good but the Firehawk is a CQB orientated and designed rifle, so not having a Semi-auto mode leads to little use in most CQB environments where full auto is disallowed. As such my recommendation would be to keep with the original Firehawk, and if you want a faster ROF then install 12:1 gears and a high torque motor keeping your Semi-auto mode and speeding up the trigger response in the process. 


Overall the G&G Firehawk is still one of the best starter CQB rifles out there at a great price, just remember that this is a close-quarter battle AEG, its great for short engagement distances or indoor firefights, you’re not going to be hurling BB’s across a field at 80+ meters.

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