E9800-X Budget Chronograph review!

We at Airsoft Informer have been looking for a cheap Chronograph to test our airsoft guns. Searching around you can’t miss the E9800-X Chronograph on Amazon, eBay or Chinese sellers such as Banggood, or Aliexpress. Therefore here at Airsoft informer, we thought it was our duty to pick one up and put it’s through its paces and review the E9800-x.

E9800- x review : Whats in the box ?

Our review version of the E9800-X was bought off of Banggood.com. Bangood is one of those retailers that I’ve used for a number of year with consitent timely deliveries. The E9800-X we received came in 2 parts, firstly the actual Chronograph with an instruction manual, and then another smaller box attached that contained a tripod. That was it!

E9800-X All thats in the box !

E9800-x Specs

Ofically the stats for the E9800-x are as follows : Color: Black, Dark Blue
Firing Speed: 0-3600 b/minute(0-60 b/second)
Muzzle Velocity: 15-800 meters/second(50-2600 feet/second)
1M High Firing Horizontal Range: 0-400 meters(0-1250 feet)
Firing K.i.n.e.t.i.c Energy: 0-500J
Testing Error =1.3%
Voltage: DC 4.5V(3xAAA Batteries) Not supplied
1/4″ standard tripod interface


So officially the E9800-x has a range of features but what does it actually mean, well firstly it has a double unit display in FPS, M/s J, J/c㎡, r/m, and RPS. This means that the E9800-x can show the much-needed FPS and Joules to ensure that your airsoft gun is not running hot. It also allows for a reasonably accurate understanding of how fast your shots are firing using the RPS function.

The E9800-x has a backlit display, and a Self testing process that it runs on witch on. It needs 3x AAA to funciton and these do not come supplied. It can store up to 6 different Weights and Calibres. Having weight options is impporant to ensure that BB’s are being measured properly.

How well does the E9800-x Work?

Honestly, I was surprised how well the Chronograph works! It appears to Chrono all of my airsoft rifles at about 1 or 2 difference to my other Chrono which is in line with a few different sites I play at.

The display is clear and easy to read as you can see below.

Low strength spring test of my G&G Fire Hawk for CQB play

This chronograph offers multiple menu choices including an FPS per shot, Average FPS and R/M R/s option. Options are accessed using the buttons on the left. Average FPS and Rounds per minute only come up when a gun is fired in full auto.

The E9800 also has the ability to store up to 25 historic shots, this allows you to see your FPS consistency and helps identify any issues you may have with air leakage.

E9800-x Negatives

So the E9800 chronograph works great out of the box, but its not all positive.

The controls are not intuitive, with only three buttons and a handful of options, id hope that moving around the menus and changing the display would be easy, but after hours of fiddling I’m still finding myself in random menus or having it show the battery indicator. However, poor menus are nothing in comparison to my biggest Gripe with E9800 chronograph. The Tripod and tripod mount hole! For some reason when they designed this Chronograph they stuck the mount screw hole off-centre at the front of the Chronograph, this makes it a nightmare to stand up on the poorly made supplied Chronograph. Even with a solid camera tripod I own, it struggles to balance well.

E9800-x Review Summary !

Overall this Chronograph did what I wanted it to do, it’s well constructed and solidly made. It appears to be accurate and it has all the basic features I needed in a cheap chronograph. As such Airsoft Informer can recommend the E9800-x Chronograph if you’re looking for something cheap to Chrono your Airsoft guns.

The E9800 can be purchased at Amazon, eBay or Banggood,

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