JeffTron Mosfet V2 Best cheap mosfet? Review

Searching for a basic easy to install mosfet?  The JeffTron Mosfet V2 is one of the cheapest Trigger system replacement mosfet’s.. But how easy is it to install and well does it work?

The JeffTron Mosfet V2 is a basic mosfet which doesn’t have any added features such as the Gate Titan or the JeffTron Leviathan.

As you can see from the product chart below, there is a range of JeffTron mosfets and the V2 is as basic as they come.

So why bother with a Basic Mosfet such as the JeffTron Mosfet V2?

In a gun that doesn’t have a MOSFET, the negative wire from the battery runs directly to the motor. The positive wire however goes to the trigger contact, then to the positive side of the motor. When you pull the trigger you complete a circuit sending power to your motor.

 However, especially with higher discharge rate batteries such as most LiPPos, this over time causes damage to those trigger contacts, causing them to basically burn away due to electrical arcing. Also, those contacts cause a lot of resistance resulting in less power going to the motor, meaning lower trigger response and rate of fire.

Adding in a Mosfet such as the JeffTron Mosfet V2 has an extra wire acting as a signal wires When the trigger is pulled, it activates the MOSFET sending a direct current to your motor from the battery. This eliminates in electrical arcing at the contacts since there is only a tiny amount of electricity going through the contacts.

How easy is the JeffTron Mosfet V2 to install?

This is the 4th Mosfet I have fitted, but my first v2 Trigger swap out and it was far easier then some of the others I have done and as you can see, the instructions that came with it were clear!

If you have ever used a soldering iron before, you shouldn’t find the install too hard, I ended up doing a full rewire, but you could use the current wiring loom and just add an extra wire in as the signal wire (blue on the instructions). The whole install took about 15 minutes.

Having the MOSFET fit nicely into the trigger rather than trying to find space for it in the gearbox, or elsewhere on the wiring is super, it really made the on my Firehawk install easy.

How well does it work ?

JeffTron Mosfet V2 works as well as you’d expect, it feels like the old trigger and has worked find with every battery I have tried up to an 11.1v. Am I noticing any difference in my fire rate or trigger response? I cant say I am, however having a mosfet will definitely save on trigger ware over time and allow me to feel happy and safe using 11.1v batteries.

All round the JeffTron Mosfet V2 seemd a grea buy for a basic mosfet.

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