Best Mosfet on the market? The Gate TITAN Advanced Review

The Gate Titan Advanced Mosfet has got to be one of the most hyped-up Mosfet for your AEG in airsoft. With all the options you could want or need from your MOSFET, it comes highly praised. But does it live up to the high price tag? We fit and test out the Gate TITAN V3 Advanced in a new UAR for this Gate TITAN Advanced review.

Pros :

  • Well made, solid design
  • Lots of options for your rifle
  • Well-made software on a range of platforms
  • Statistics
  • Easy to change settings due to the DEANS Connection
  • Readily Available online
  • Turns a basic Airsoft gun into a Geeks dream!

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • Confusing amount of options I.e. Basic, Advanced, V2, V3, V2 NGRS
  • High charges for upgrades between Basic, Advanced and Expert
  • Instructions not always clear
  • No Bluetooth

Gate the manufacturer for the Gate TITAN Advanced V3 has created a range of MOSFETs over the last few years and the TITAN is their top of the Line product. The Gate TITAN itself comes in a variety of different types which in itself makes things a little confusing!

TITAN Advanced V2? V2 NGRS? V3?

Firstly there is a V2, V2 NGRS and a V3 Gate Titan. The version of the Gate Titan corresponds to the Version of the gearbox it’s going into. The V2 for Version 2 gearboxes, the V2 NGRS for Tokyo Marui V2 Next Generation Recoil Shock gearboxes and the V3 for Version 3 gearboxes.

TITAN Basic or Advanced?

Next comes the Basic and Advanced version (and soon to be expert).

As you can see from the above table, the Gate Titan Website breaks down the differences between Basic and Advanced as:

  • BASIC: The best for those who prefer simplicity but require the highest quality. Economic version with a limited number of functions. If you will decide to have more functions, there is always the option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED.
  • ADVANCED: The best for those who like complex solutions. Advanced version with a wide variety of functions. It enables access to the Statistics and TITAN World Rankings.

Purchase wise, buying the Gate Titan Basic would mean I’d need someone else to set it up as it doesn’t come with the USB connection. It also misses out on some of the major features I would expect from an expensive Mosfet such as pre-cocking. If I wanted a really basic MOSFET id look at buying the JeffTron Basic MOSFETs at a 3rd of the price (see the review here). As such the Gate TITAN Advanced was the only option!

Gate Titan Advanced mosfet Features!

Officially the Gate Titan Advanced offers the following :

  • Optical Sensor Controlled
  • Advanced Optical Sensors for the Trigger, Gears and Selector
  • Compatible with most V3 Gearbox on the market without Modification
  • Auto-Adjusting Precocking / Braking system
  • Works with Dual Sector Gear and Short Stroked Gears
  • Detects up to 6 Trigger Positions for the Fine-Tuning of the Trigger Breakpoint
  • Capable of Fast Repeat Shooting
  • MILSPEC Board coating
  • Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Pre-cocking Boost
  • Adjustable Fire-Selector Mode
  • Adjustable Burst Mode
  • Adjustable-Rate of Fire
  • Two-Stage Trigger Mode, Possible for Semi / Full Auto without using a Fire Selector
  • Sniper Delay Modes
  • Run-away Motor 30 Rounds Limit Mode
  • Protection for the Titan Unit against Over Current, Under Current, and Overheating 
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Over-discharge Battery Protection
  • Configurable Fire Selector
    • Safe – Semi – Auto
    • Safe – Semi – Semi
    • Safe – Semi – Burst
    • Safe – Burst – Auto
    • Safe – Semi – Burst / Auto (Short Press – Burst, Long Press – Auto)
    • Semi – Burst – Auto (Safe Mode via fast switch Safe – Semi – Safe)

Whats in the box?

  1. TITAN V3 Module with ADVANCED firmware (rear or front wired)
  2. USB-Link for GATE Control Station™ App
  3. USB Cables:
    a) USB-C to Micro-USB (0.6m / 1ft 11in)
    b) Micro-USB to Micro-USB (0.6m / 1ft 11in)
  4. Installation Kit
  5. TITAN Patch
  6. Quickstart Guide

This is everything you need to Install and setup the gate titan Except a Basic Micro USB Cable.

Gate Titan Advanced v3 Install

The Gate Titan website has a disclaimer stating that you need to be a expert Tech to isntall the Gate Titan mosfet. Im no expert, infact this was the first time ive handled a V3 Gearbox. This being said, the isntall wasnt that tough.

First thing first, the Gearbox needs to be grease-free, this means removing all of the contents and giving it a good clean in Isopropyl Alcohol, this may seem like an effort, however, there are a number of stickers that need sticking onto parts of the gearbox to allow for the optical sensors to work, these won’t stick to grease!

V3 Gate Titan

Both the V2 and V3 Gate TITAN is a drop Tigger connection replacement. I had to remove the old trigger following the instructions and screw down the bottom of the MOSFET. Attach Spacers into the trigger assembly, reinstall the gears and test that the fitted optical sensors were picking up the movements of the gears. Next came re-shimming the gears, re-assembling the gearbox and adding stickers to the fire select.

The fire select was the biggest challenge for my install of the Gate TITAN Advanced V3, Although I was able to fine-tune the settings in the GATE Control station app, The ASP UAR fire selector plate works different to most over AEGS, with Safe and Full auto being the same position and SEMI auto being the 2nd fire option. With some adjustment of the reflective stickers and some changes in the Control Station app, I was able to get the gun to recognise the 2 states.

Overall the install alongside replacing the gears with 13:1 SHS Gears and reshimming about 3 hours. Longer then I thought but not bad considering! I did need the help of a number of youtube videos alongside the official instructions to ensure that the install was perfect!

How well does the it work?

With a range of TITAN Advanced features, I thought I would find the options a little overwhelming, however, the TITAN app makes installing and changing options reasonably easy. With the ability to make changes via your PC or phone.

Options on the GATE Control station

Connection to the mosfet is done using the batteries DEANs connector. This makes for a pretty easy setup and configuration.

I wanted the ability to have a PRE-Cocking gearbox to improve my Rate of fire, I also wanted to add a 3 or 4 round burst to my UAR. The Mosfet allowed this and I saw between a 3-4 ROF difference between the pre cocking gearbox and with it disabled. The Battery protection seems to work well with it realising the number of Cells on my Lippo when it’s connected. The Gate titan has also been able to keep track of the number of BB’s fired and the ROF that the gearbox is firing.

In future I intend to make use of the Sniper delay and use it as a DMR option removing the AUTO and Burst to allow for single SEMI Auto Shots. This will turn the ASP UAR into a DMR without having to make physical changes to the fire select.

Once isntalled the Gate Titan appears to do what is says it will, offer a range of functions to a Gun that has none !

Overview of the Gate TITAN Advanced

Overall I really enjoy the GATE TITAN Advanced, it done what It said it would to my basic Bullpup rifle and added a range of options to it. MOSFETS in their nature, once setup shouldn’t really need fiddling with. So after the initial 3 hours of installation, it’s pretty easy to forget its there!

However it has done what I needed it to do, the installation was painless. I would love to have a TITAN advanced in each of my Airsoft guns, but the £/$140+ price tag just makes it impossible. With other MOSFETs coming on the market that offers equivalent options it’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. But generally the GATE TITAN Advanced is a worthwhile purchase if you can afford it right now!

You can buy the Gate TITAN V2 or V3 from Amazon or other Airsoft retailers

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