What type of Airsoft Battery should I use?

Picking the right airsoft battery can be tough. What’s the difference between a Li-PO, Ni-Mh or LiFE battery? This Airsoft Battery guide may help you decide what to use!

What is the difference between a Li-Po LiFE and Ni-Mh battery?

Li-Po batteries use what is known as Lithium-ion charging technology. LiFe batteries are also known as Lithium Phosphate use a slightly different technology whereas Ni-MH’s use a nickel-based tech.

Different battery technology have their own Pro’s and Con’s

Ni-Mh batteries as a Airsoft Battery

Ni-MH Stick battery

You will often find that some Airsoft guns come with a Ni-MH battery. The reason for this is because typically Ni-MH’s are a lot safer and easier to use. Due to the nature of their technology, they require much less maintenance/care when using. You charge a Ni-MH batter using a basic wall charger.

The downside of using a Ni-MH battery is their drain rate during use. When using a Ni-MH battery it will slowly deplete in power. This will be noticeable by ear as your gun will begin to “whine” and your rate of fire will decrease.

You can use Ni-MH batteries until they’re empty without causing significant harm.

Electric Airsoft guns (AEG) are historically designed to fit Ni-MH batteries. As such these are usually easier to fit. Newer and future designs may look at changing the location of batteries so this may not always be the case.

Charging time usually sits between 2-3 hours.

Li-Po batteries as a Airsoft Battery

Li-Po Stick battery great for fitting in your stock

Li-Po batteries are currently the most popular choice for an Airsoft battery.

A Li-Po battery uses different technology to Ni-MH’s they don’t constantly lose their power, in fact, they will retain their power until the battery is nearly empty.

Li-Po batteries are typically considered more “dangerous” as they are susceptible to catching on fire, but ONLY if they are mistreated. Proper charing using a Li-Po Charger as well as not puncturing the battery reduces the risks significantly.

One more important thing to note with Li-Po is when you’re using them, and you start to hear the gun slow down, replace it and store it safely. If the Battery is too low it’s unlikely to charge again.

Li-Po batteries usually run at a higher voltage then Ni-MH and LiFE Batteries. This increased voltage allows for a faster rate of fire. However, this speed can cause issues in some guns. Using anything more then a 7.4V battery for extended periods without a MOSFET can lead to damage in wiring or the trigger mechanism. It’s important to install a MOSFET such as a Gate Titan if you want something top of the line, or a JeffTron Mosfet if you want something basic. Click each name for a review of the recommended MOSFETs!

Li-Po Batteries come in all shapes and sizes as well as Voltage, and mAH. The mAh is the capacity, the higher the number the more shots youll get out of it. The Voltage is as discussed above. The different shapes depend on how the battery fits. Nunchuks split the battery into smaller parts. Chunky or long stick batteries are all shaped differntly. Pick the battery that fits into the battery hodler on your gun.

LiFE batteries as a Airsoft Battery

LiFE Batteries are a recent addition to the Airsoft battery front. They reach a good compromise in regards to Voltage and safety in comparison to the other two types.

LiFE batteries are generally safer, they are less likely to catch on fire, however, if charged wrong, they may let of a gas that is toxic instead. They are less likely to puncture when compared to a Li-PO.

LiFe batteries have a Lower voltage and as such a slower rate of fire when compared to a Lipo battery. This, however, means that you can try a 9.9v rather than a 7.4V in your AEG. They tend to come in the same shapes and sizes as Li-PO’s but are a little heavier weight wise due to their technology.

Some companies recommend such as ASG for the Evo Scorpion, recommend ad LiFE battery for lower FPS springs as they cause less internal damage due to their lower voltage.

Most Li-PO chargers should charge a Li-Fe battery but they will need a specialist charger, unlike Ni-Mh Batteries.

What type of Battery should I buy?

After reviewing the information above, have a think about what you want from your battery. If you are are looking for somethign safe, purhcase a Ni-Mh.

If you have a gun with a mosfet installed or your happy to purchase one yourself, look into getting a LI-PO or LiFE battery. The hardest thing is finding one that fits into your guns battery location.

Don’t forget if you choose a Li-Po or LiFe battery you will also need a specialist charger and be sure to follow the instructions whilst charging.

Amazon offers a range of Lipo Batteries and chargers and good prices. Check them out using the link below.

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