High Torque Vs High speed airsoft motors

Comparing High Torque Vs High speed airsoft motors

What is the difference between High Torque Vs High speed airsoft motors?An airsoft motor is a key part of your AEG gun. It takes the power from your battery and converts it into the force needed to fire your bbs.

However, there are 3 main types of the motor out there and choosing the right one can be a little difficult. This guide will tell you what you need to know to upgrade your AEG and improve airsoft gun.

Lets compare High Torque Vs High speed airsoft motors.

Motor Types

Stock motors

Stock airsoft motors are the motor that comes with your gun. These motors are ususally nothing special and their quality depends on the manufacturer of your gun and sometimes even the batch number of the airsoft gun itself. . These motors are usually all rounder motors and sit between a speed motor and torque motor.
Swapping out this motor is usually a great way to bring about changes in your Airsoft gun leading to improved ROF or better long term reliability for a reasonable price.

If your reading this, chances are you’re looking to upgrade your Airsoft gun, so continue reading to find out more!

High Torque Motors

Specifically High Torque airsoft Motors are designed to give the best overall Force/ Power They offer pure strength at the sacrifice of speed. High torque motors are the tractor of the airsoft world, great at their job and usually really reliable whilst being extremely strong.

High Speed Motors

High-speed airsoft motors are at the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to high torque motors. They give a much high RPM (revolutions per minute, in other words, they spin fast), but give up strength when compared to High Torque motors.

What does this mean?

Balance is key when it comes to airsoft. It’s difficult to have a fast firing gun that shoots at a high FPS. To Increase FPS the easiest way to do this is to have a stronger higher rated spring. However, to pull that spring, you then need a high strength high torque motor. Check out our Spring Guide here!

But the motor isnt the only part of the puzzle.

Motors and Gear Ratios

Changing the gear ratio in an airsoft gearbox can make it so that your motor needs to do less or more to fire a shot.

High Torque Gears

High ratio gears (often labelled high-torque) increase the number of turns your motor needs to make for one full gearbox revolution. These may also be labelled 20:1 or higher.

These high torque gears, like the motors, lead to the spring compressing slower. But they enable a stronger spring to be compressed.

High Speed Gears

Low ratio gears (labelled as high-speed gears or gears with a low number) decrease the number of turns your motor needs to make for a full revolution of the gearbox. Meaningless turns to fire a shot. These may be labelled 12:1 or 13:1 (or lower).

When the motor is fully running, the gears are retracting faster and can pull a low power spring back faster.

Which gear ratio to choose?

To ensure that we get the most of our Airsoft guns, we need to pick a gear-ratio that gives us the best performance with our chosen motor.

Pick a high-speed gear-set with a weak motor, and the gears will be slow to get up to speed. This leads to slow trigger response. Pick a high-torque gear set with a powerful motor, then the outcome will be you’ll pull a really powerful spring. (bigger then most places would allow). But the rate of fire will be low.

Comon sense would say….

That you match the speed of the gears with the speed of the motor, however, this isn’t the case.

Having a high torque motor and high torque gears will leed to a slow setup.

What about high high-speed motors with high-speed gears?

Eventually you’ll get a really great fire rate, however itll be really slow getting there, and unlike a car Airsoft guns motors are not constantly on and only get moving when you pull the trigger.

How to improve your Rate of fire or trigger response.

Which Airsoft Motor should I buy?

Fast Rate of fire ?

Put together a high-speed motor with some high-speed gears and you will have a fast shooting airsoft gun with a very high rate of fire. Both the motor and the gears will want to shoot fast.

The downside is your trigger response will be poor (The time from pulling the trigger to firing) and the high rate of fire will take 2 – 3 BB’s before it really gets up to speed.

You also need to worry about the spring size for fast builds like this, trying to keep the gun under 300 FPS will ensure that the fast motors and gears can cope.

High FPS ?

If you want the highest FPS, you will want to pick up a high-torque motor with some high-torque gears. This will allow you to choose any spring you want! This does not mean everything else will stand up to the load, the gearbox may crack and no site will let you play with it due to the damage you would cause to others.

This setup with a normal spring would be mean your trigger response would be slow. Slow enough that you could probably count the time between pulling the trigger and the gun firing.

Fast Trigger Response ?

If you’re looking for a crisp instant trigger response that make airsoft a joy to play, there are two ways of going about it.

  • A High Torque Motor and High Speed Gears.
  • A High Speed Motor and High Torque Gears.

My go-to setup is a high-torque motor with high-speed gears. This is the best Combo for all-round performance. With this setup you get a great trigger response and good rate of fire. High speed motors and High Torque gears would also work. However High speed motors have a tendency to use up more battery and get hot!

What parts do I buy?

SHS is known for making great motors, however, they can be a little hard to get not and again. The Items below will all be great for a good all-round AEG . These will make a big difference over stock internals.

Long Shaft Motor for v2 Gearbox and a Short Shaft Motor for V3 Gearbox

High Torque motor and a 13:1 or 12:1 ratio high speed gears !

All of the above can be bought at Amazon

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