3d Printing and Airsoft

3d Printing and Airsoft is rarely said in the same sentence. However, over the past few years, there has been more and more 3D designers out there looking to make Airsoft accessories.

As someone who has an interest in both 3D printing and playing Airsoft, these new designers have opened up a huge amount of opportunities to customise our Airsoft guns or even in some cases totally 3D print a rifle.

3d Printing and Airsoft – Ar15

As a side project over the next few weeks I have decided to try and 3D print a whole AR 15 using the print files freely available on Thingiverse. The rifle I’m going to attempt to print is by a great creator called Igniz.

Igniz has offered up his 3D print files free of charge however they do offer the opportunity to print blank parts without his branding for minimal costs. Available here. And the full PAAR15 AR15 on their Thinigverse page here

Igniz has designed his rifle with a few simple rules in mind

1 No supports if possible.

2 To Lighten the parts and avoid wasting material.

3 Full compatibility with off the shelf items  

4 No more than 12 print hours per part

Not only have they put their effort into designing a printable AR 15, but it also appears that they are currently putting their time into designing mid-cap Magazines for use with different rifles.

Part 1 – 3d Printer Lower

3d Pritned Airsoft Lower

I definitely am a 3d Printing novice, however, I think the lower came out ok! Overall it took about 11 hours but seems solid. I even messaged Igniz on their discord to seek permission for this post and got some much-needed advice. Such a great creator!

Look out for more updates as I continue to print the rest of this AR 15 as well as accessories for my G&G Firehawk and a bunch of other Rifles.

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