Is this the best Airsoft Budget Scope Camera

If your looking for a Budget Scope Camera it can be hard to find one that can do youtube quality video at a good price tag.

Maybe you just want to review your tactics, or you’re looking to be the next Novritsh. You cant do it properly without a good Scope Cam. If you’ve got the budget buy a Runcam Scope cam. However, if you’re wanting to spend a little less, we look at the next best thing. The Plan Beta ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 HD Camera.

Budget Scope Camera: Plan Beta ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 HD Camera

The Plan Beta ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 comes in at a tiny budget of under £30 and this is what makes the Plan Beta ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 stand out compared to other Budget scope cams on the market. It’s cheap! But its not all about the price, how well does it do on the field?

Plan Beta ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 – The facts

  • 5MP photo
  • Charge whilst recording
  • Auto image rotation 180 degrees for use on top rails
  • Photo burst mode
  • Longer remote switch wire

The Auto rotation allows for the camera to be mounted on either a side rail or a top rail ensuring that the camera is always filming the right way up. The battery is integrated and can be charged whilst recording from an adapted PEC box. One charge lasts for around 3 – 4 hours of recording, more than enough for most. Being charged from USB it can also be charged during lunch or break in play extended the recording time to a full day of Airsoft.

It comes with a mount for easy mounting, although some reviews state this mount can be a little clumsy!

How does this Budget Scope Camera look on playback?

Video of the Taticam ICU2 in action

As you can see, the ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 holds up pretty well, it has a reasonable Zoom Cam zoom but not ideal. The quality of the footage is 720p and definitely give you a feel for the game!

Overall I think the ICU Tacti-Cam 2.0 is a great buy for the price. For under £30 its cheap and easily available from Amazon. Meaning if it breaks or doesn’t meet your expectations, there should be no hassle returning it. Check it out below!

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