What to wear for airsoft – Eye Protection

Airsoft may seem dangerous, but if you follow basic safety precautions, it can be as safe as any other sport! If your going for the first time it can be daunting knowing what to wear for airsoft, however, this basic guide should set you up well for playing both indoors and outdoors.

When deciding what to wear for airsoft you can break down the items in two separate sections. Firstly is your Basic clothes, Second is your Extra protection with this being the most important. Today we’re looking at Eye Protection

Eye Protection

If you plan to buy only a single piece of safety gear, be sure to consider your eyes first. Shooting directly at the face is frowned upon in airsoft. However getting hit in the face does happen and if you get hit in the eye, then a serious eye injury will occur. Eye protection is put into different types, Glasses, Goggles and full-face masks.

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What to wear for airsoft -Airsoft Glasses

Normal Glasses are not eye protection for airsoft, they will shatter and glass will fly out with a single hit from a BB at a reasonable range. Ballistic rated glasses are the goto however they can be expensive and don’t offer any protection from BB’s coming in from the side. As such Glasses for airsoft can be used at most sites but should be avoided for indoor or close-range CQB.

Recommended Budget Glasses :

Nuprol Airsoft Battle Pro Safety Glasses Eye Protection Camo Frame Colours

The Nuprol Airsoft Battle Pro Safety Glasses would make a good basic set of Airsoft Saftey glasses, they are a good price at under £20 and are available from Amazon.

What to wear for airsoft – Airsoft Goggles

Airsoft Goggles are the go-to choice for most Airsoft players. They are the best middle ground between a pair of Glasses and a full face mask. Some sites require you to have full eye protection including eye safety that covers the sides to ensure a ricochet does not hit you in the eye.

Recommended Budget Goggles:

Bolle makes great eyewear and these Basic goggles will do the trick. However, they may fog due to the nature of their small design. For a better pair of goggles consider buying a pair of the

Bolle X800I Ultra-Ventilated

The Bolle X800I Ultra-Ventilated are the best Airsoft Goggles you can buy at a pretty good price! The X800I are used by the best airsoft players and top YouTubers out there. Offering great protection and dual lenses to try and stop fogging. Available on Amazon at a good price.

What to wear for airsoft – Full face mask

Full goggles for Airsoft are the best face protection out there. But getting the right full face mask can be hard. Cheap face maks have a tendency to fog up causing issues whilst playing. Dye I4 or Dye I5 is by far the best full face masks out there. Both are strong with great protection and airflow ensuring they do not fog. However, they are not cheap, coming in at around £120. Grab them from Amazon

Dye I5 – Best full face google

What not to wear

Please do not wear any of the following

  • Cheap Glasses and goggles from china
  • No eye protection
  • Your everyday glasses
  • Nerf Glasses
  • Ski Goggles.

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