Airsoft sites reopening? – COVID update

Are airsoft sites reopening? COVID 19 has had a major impact on nearly all of the world, and it had a dramatic impact on the Airsoft industry. With retail stores being forced to close their doors and sites being closed due to concerns of spreading the virus. The future of some merchants has looked rocky.

However, as countries around the world are slowly cutting back on their lockdown measures it appears that some airsoft sites are reopening. In the UK some airsoft sites are following the government’s guidelines around Lockdown and are opening as outdoor sports fields.

Photo by Daniel Balaure 

Splatoon Airsoft In Essex Uk, One of the better airsoft fields out there has started offering “training days” instead of game days to get around the lockdown and ensure their insurance is in place. Other fields are planning to open with just slight tweaks to their rules. For example, Splatoon has gone all out on increasing the distances in their safe zone, spreading tables around out to ensure there is space. They are also forcing players to wear face masks (not airsoft ones) in the safe zone.

Some sites have removed the safe zone completely and are asking players to use their own cars as the safe zones.

Ballahack Airsoft home to the famous Rev events are open but are now allowing rentals or players to get within certain distances from staff. Airsoft isn’t a close contact affair, some sites even have minimum engagement distances. However, the nature of the game is sometimes you have to get up close especially in CQB scenarios.

Although some outdoor sites are open around the world, allot of indoor CQB sites are not nessicarly getting that luxury. Local indoor sites appear to be reamining closed.

With all these sites needing to open to keep afloat I get the need to open. But is it too soon? Are sites putting their need for money ahead of their players safety? Or do you think its the right time for players to get out there and playing? Id love to hear your views both of Sites opening and also your experiences of playing over the coming weeks!

If your not able to get out there a play, Check out our Valorant Guns in Airsoft guides! And keep safe indoors!

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